Happy birthday, Sis

Today is my sister's birthday. Words can't convey the love we share and the memories we have made over the years. From being little kids to having our own kids and now being grandmothers. But deep inside we are still those two little girls that drove our Mommy & Daddy crazy with our silliness. We can go months without being together and then when we are, we step right back into the silliness of our childhood. All it takes is one "Remember when...." and boom we break out into hysterical laughter and everybody looks at us like we are crazy. Memories of mud pies and lightning bugs. Badminton and Barbies. Swimming in our underwear in the little plastic pools in the summer. Watching TV in cardboard boxes on Thursday nights after they delivered the groceries. Walking up to Vickie & Teresa's to play for an hour and them coming back home with us for another hour. Singing along to The Supremes. Changing rooms with Mom and Dad so we could have the phone in our room and then changing back because Daddy didn't like us keeping that door shut. Me and my million stuffed animals I had to sleep with every night. Your neatness and my not so neatness when it came to the room we shared. Lady, the dog and the cat having kittens in the dog house. Trips to Gladys and Walter's to lay in the floor and read funny books and eat candy bars. Halloween. Christmas. Easter Sunday and the beautiful dresses Mom made us. The shorty pajama's she made us every summer. And probably one of our fondest, funniest memories.....those stupid green turtle pajamas that I wore and the fact that they were so comfortable I refused to wear panties with them. (I seriously cannot believe I am telling that, but hey, I was a little girl, don't judge me.) But above all the memories, all the stories, all the things that go with being sisters, is the love. 100% undying love that will never dim, never change and never leave. 

Happy birthday, Rachel. I love you.


Nonnie said...

This is a lovely tribute to your sister. My sister's birthday was yesterday and I was able to post a few pics, but time didn't allow for much else. This was very good.

Nonnie said...

The panties story is too funny. Your memories brought back so many memories of my sister and I that I will add to my blog at a later date. Thanks.

Mary Hutchins said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel!! You are very blessed to have a sister to love.

Terri D said...

My two sisters are extremely close and shared a room. I am six and nine years older than them, so we were never as close as the two of them are but I love them dearly. Hope she had a very happy celebration and enjoyed your sweet tribute!!


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