I'm loving Monday....

I am loving Monday this week because it is one of my days off. It's always a good day when you don't have to work. Over the past few days, I've put in some extra long days and it feels good to be at the house in my jammies just doing what I feel like doing. I did manage to pic up a couple of things for my crafts. I got the Santa's to go with the Snowmen from Hobby Lobby. Just need to make them. And I picked up the pine cone pick for another craft I'm making. I planning on turning the spoons into Snowmen for Christmas.

I am working over the next couple of days on some of my crafts. I'll let you see things when I get them done. 

I had a totally amazing night last night with my family and the extended family through my daughter-in-laws side. We gathered at Big Daddy's Pizza for Colby's birthday party. 

He loves pizza places with arcades so needless to say I put in some arcade time. Can't pass an arcade without a little Skee Ball. Got a great picture of my son and his sons (my grandsons).

My daughter-in-law stayed pretty busy but finally caught her long enough to get a pic.

Colby with his cookie cake and his cousin Kingston on his Mom's side.

My granddaughter's hanging out with Colby and Kingston waiting for some cookie cake.

My daughter and her husband. I think the adults had as much fun in the arcade as the kids did.

My son-in-law and his son, my other grandson.

Family on my daughter-in-laws side. I consider them all my extended family. I am extremely blessed that my daughter-in-law and my son-in-law come from good families and I always have a blast when I get together with either side of the families.

More of the extended family.

Today, I have a few things I'm working on for Children's Church planning, but later this afternoon I get to head out to Panera Bread for some dinner and a Thirty-One Better Together meeting with my Thirty-One gals. Look forward to it. 

It's been a great few days and I think it is going to keep getting better.


Terri D said...

Whew! Glad you finally got a jammie day and I hope you have enjoyed it! You have been busy, but fun-busy!! Still can wear you out!

Mary Hutchins said...

Happy Birthday to Colby! Looks like he had a great party with lots of family. I really enjoyed your pictures of it all. Anxious to see your finished Christmas Crafts, you're really getting a head start. Enjoy your day off....I think you are!!!