Craft time

I have the luxury of a job that when I am on the phones, we can do other items in between calls. So I have been crocheting chain stitch length for awhile and had quite a few of them. 

I did them long enough to wrap a round a small juice glass four times, then hot glued them to keep their shape and added a little bow. I still have some more to do, but I want to hang them on my tree at Christmas.  

And since I like to do blue and red in my kitchen, I found some crochet thread in that color and made these. 

I have also been making plastic canvas snowmen by doing the canvas squares at work and putting them together at home. I think he is cute, but need to work on the mouth. I don't like it. May get some buttons to make the mouth for the next one. I'll have to see.

Well, just a few crafts to show you. Have a great Saturday.


Mary Hutchins said...

Cute crafts Brenda! Loved them both.

Rachel said...

Love that little snowman!

Terri D said...

Very cute!! Just use the same stitch you used for the eyes and make a mount out of five of them. You are so creative!