Rain, blessed rain

For the past several weeks, firefighters have been kept busy from Chattanooga, TN to Asheville, NC and in our own area in Cocke County and Sevier County. They have been fighting wild fires in our beautiful mountains. It has been devastating. We are in a horrible drought and the fires keep raging. There are even a couple of them that are suspected arson. A local school in Walland, TN had to evacuate this week because of the fires. But we woke up this morning to a beautiful sound. Rain. Wonderful, wet, glorious rain. It has come in a few downpour bursts, but mostly is a good steady rain that will surely help with the fires around here. Here are a few of the pictures of the mountains around us as the fire burns on out of control.

Please pray for our mountains and the people that live near these fires.


Mary Hutchins said...

Such a sad, terrible thing to see happening. Pray rains come soon.

Sandi said...

It's beautiful even though it's horrible. I feel funny saying that, but honestly it is just unbelieveable. Praying for everyone in the path...a house can be rebuilt, trees can grow again, but there is only one of each of us and that's it.

Terri D said...

Hope the rain continues! Those pictures are scary and the fire devastating.

Sylvia said...

We are praying for rain also. Our beautiful North Georgia mountains are on fire also.
I just can't understand how anyone would deliberately set them on fire! Hope it continues to rain there and praying we get some soon.