Some random thoughts today....

I need to find some round head clothespins. I want to make some of these little angels. Super simple looking. I want different material though. I'll have to go to Hobby Lobby and check out some fabric.

The snowman I posted the other day is for a friend of mine. I have agreed to make him for 5 different friends/family members. So, I am going to do it as a gift set. They are each getting a snowman, one of the little crochet wreaths and a no sew runner. They are going to enjoy them.

Oh if I was skinny again! I absolutely fell in love with this and would wear it in a heart beat if I was slender.

I am looking for an extremely skinny primitive style tree for my corner of my dining room. I am going to look at clearance sales after Christmas because I want to make homemade ornaments to hang on it and I won't have time this year to get it all ready before Christmas. 

If you need an easy, simple gift idea to take to a hostess of a party or for someone you just need a little something for, here's an idea. I usually use a white gift box and pretty Christmas ribbon for it. In the box, I put an orange, a few cinnamon sticks tied up with a skinny red ribbon, and about 10 whole cloves tied up in tulle with a skinny gold ribbon. I stick a handwritten card with instructions to slice the orange and add all the ingredients to a pan of water and let simmer on the stove for a festive holiday smell. 


Mary Hutchins said...

The little angels are sweet, hope you find the clothespins you need. The little snowman gift package is so sweet, it's a lovely gift and so is the scented gift package. I really love this idea and I think I'm going to make some up for my GLOW sisters!! Hope you're feeling better, have a great day.

Terri D said...

That does make a nice hostess gift! Great idea! We have a super skinny tree because we got tired of the big full one that took up so much space. We're happy with it, though it really is skinny! LOL Your snowman, yarn wreath and runner are so cute and the recipients will be thrilled, I'm sure!