Welcome November

I am going to try to do the photo challenge this year for November. Since today is the 1st, at least I'm off to a good start.

The topic for the first is costume. My handsome baby brother had all 5 of his grandchildren come to his house so he was able to get his pic with the Oz family and Minnie Mouse. I love this picture. 

These long days and cool evenings put me in the mood for breakfast. I love bacon and eggs so this was Sunday night. 

Last night I had biscuits and gravy. Nothing else. Just biscuits with homemade bacon gravy. It may not look the best in the world, but it was delicious.

I figured since I had a plate that says bread, it was appropriate for biscuits. What is it with me and plates that say something?

I love this quote I found. I made it my Facebook cover.

Have a Happy November 1st.

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Mary Hutchins said...

Happy November Brenda!