Why we blog...

I was sitting here trying to decide what to blog about and it hit me...I can blog about blogging. Seriously, I was that desperate for a topic. It reminds me of an episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny says to Sheldon...."Oh my goodness, you are going to jibber jabber about jibber jabber." So, here goes my blog about blogging. Mostly just funny humor about them. But this first one is so me. It makes me ask the question, do I blog about baking, crafts and beautiful skies because I like baking, crafts and beautiful skies? Or do I LIKE baking, crafts and beautiful skies because it GIVES me something to blog about. Hmm? Food for thought.

And yes, I am one of these type of people. I'll never forget when Caleb was about 5 or 6 and we were getting in the car at his house and there was some animal in his yard and he said "Watch out, Mamaw will probably blog about it." And I think I actually did.

I thought this was cute. Glad my comments I get are not like the comments on this cartoon. It's kind of like somebody raining on your parade.

Do you ever have a day where you don't get any comments and you are like "Oh no, nobody read my blog! I have lost all my followers! It's the end of the world" Then you go to your stats and realize a TON of people visited, just nobody commented and you feel relieved that you can live to blog again.

If blogging burned calories, I would weight 110 pounds again.

At least I still call my friends and family and don't wait for social media posts that I can comment on. 

And I just HAD to post this one. I just burst out laughing out loud when I saw it. There is probably not many bloggers out that at one time or another has thought "Hey, I'm going to (fill in the blank) so I can have something to blog about tomorrow. 

Well, there you have it. A totally 100% useless blog about blogging. If nothing else, I have given you a good laugh and you can feel free to talk about it on your next blog post. 


Mary Hutchins said...

Cute post today, made me laugh! I love what you said about 'jibber-jabber.' I have had those day so many times!!

Sylvia said...

Oh yes, that's me. I did laugh and truly enjoyed this bog post. Loved all the cartoons. Now there's tomorrow!
Have a blessed day!

Sandi said...

"baking, crafts and beautiful skies"

Hey...there are worse things to write about. I think those are pretty good things! :-D

I like the blog. Hilarious cartoons....hahah, especially the puppy commenting on the post. I think I've had a few of those!

Terri D said...

Well, you will get this comment, if no others! LOL YES, I understand completely. Poor Joe sometimes gets caught up in my figuring out what to blog about, or wonders why I'm taking a picture of "THAT".... the things we do for our blogging addictions!! Hugs!