DNA - It's amazing

On my birthday, one of my nieces made my day when she called me her "crazy free spirited fun loving aunt". I've always thought of myself as free spirited and fun loving, but I never realized that others see me that way. (We will ignore the crazy for now, because that is just obvious). She posted it with a picture of me (Left). My sister commented I looked just like my Aunt Elsie. She was Daddy's youngest sister. And I have always thought I looked like her and Daddy told me that a lot as I got older. So I went in search of a pic of her to compare. And OH WOW. I do look like her...even more than I realized. I loved my Aunt Elsie dearly so this thrills me to pieces.

On the other hand, one of Daddy's other sisters, Aunt Tookie, who we also loved dearly always had the prettiest smile. When I came across an old picture of her when looking for Elsie, I thought "Wow, Rachel has Tookie's smile". Check it out. (Rachel -L, Tookie - R)

As I was going through the old pics, I found one of my Great Aunt Myrtle. Her name was actually Chloy but they called her Myrtle. Not sure why. But when that picture popped up I amazed. I have a second cousin Patti who is the spitting image of Myrtle. She passed long before Patti or I was born so we never new her. But isn't it amazing that there is such a resemblance between Patti and Myrtle who would have been Patti's great, great aunt. Just shows that your gene pool can carry on for years to come. 

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Terri D said...

So much fun to see the resemblances between current and long past relatives! You found some great examples! Now I want to go looking through my photos!!