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It's my special day...

Today is a special day and I hope I don't sound conceited by blogging about today. But you see, it's my birthday. And not just any birthday. This is a huge one. 

Yes, that's right. I am the big 6-0. Or as I saw on one sign.

Me at 2 weeks old. Awww.

Me now.

Have a great Tuesday.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Hope your day is full of all things that make your heart happy!

Terri D said...

Brenda, if you are conceited then so am I!! Birthdays are special and should be celebrated and shouted about!! I threw myself a 60th birthday party (Joe isn't good at stuff like that), so that was the height of self-centeredness!! Happy, happy birthday!! Love & hugs!

Mary Hutchins said...

Happy Birthday!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! I turned 60 this year too-I like the "18 with 42 years experience"!

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday!!!