I've been pinning.....

I can't believe it, but I actually spent some time recently on Pinterest. It seems like forever. I haven't shared any Pinterest finds in a long time. But now that I have a room that is 1/2 empty, I decided to go looking for ideas. My favorite way I ever had my spare room was for a craft room/office. Since the kids never sleep in spare room anymore (they like my bed or the couches better), I decided to change things up a little. I definitely want to get into sewing some next year. I want to start early and make some things for a local little craft fair in October. Here are some need ideas for the sewing/craft room area.

I love fabric, but have a hard timing figuring out how to store it so I don't have pull it all out all the time. Check out this. And I have a beautiful mahogany two drawer file cabinet that I don't use for anything. I could do this so easy. Looks like they just used the hanging file folders and draped the fabric over them. Super simple. Super easy.

I love this yarn idea. I can't build anything, but I do have a shelf on my bookcases that is tall for a TV but I don't have a TV in it. So I could maybe find some cheap fabric cubes and stack them on top of each other, open end facing forward and put yarn in them.

Check out this idea of covering secretarial chairs for a craft room. This would be so cute, but so out of my area of expertise. I'd have to find a great how to video before I tackled this.

The options would be endless since there is so much beautiful fabric.

What a brilliant idea. Simply glue heavy duty magnets on the back of a plate for a nice place to put your pins while you are working without worrying about them falling off into the floor or all over your table.

I do a lot of things were I need to iron a small piece of fabric and despise having to drag out my big old ironing board. What a cute idea to make a small table top ironing board and use drawer pulls as legs.

Another version is to pad and cover an old wooden TV tray for a quick easy set up to iron. Plus it would be easier to store than a big ironing board.

I love silhouette pillow. The ideas are endless. And with the no-sew Wunder Under, you just iron it on and go.

What a cute idea for a pillow. Simply make your pillow by stuffing it with a cheap soft bed pillow and then making the matching fabric around the middle (or even a coordinating fabric) and you would have cute pillows to go in front of your pillow shams.

I may change up some of the decor or my walls as well. How cute is this for just putting fabric in embroidery hoops to make wall hangings.

Lots of things to think about. Hmmm....


Mary Hutchins said...

Great pins....I love the covered chairs!!

Terri D said...

I said it on FB, but will say it again always find the cutest and most creative ideas to share with us!! These are all great. I love the pillow especially! Keep us posted on your room make-over!!