My Random Thoughts...

As Christmas draws near, I have so much still left to do. Well, not really that much. I do have some final wrapping to finish up and some fudge to make for a friend. Other than that, the rest of my baking for my family will happen on Saturday morning so it is good and fresh when we gather for our Christmas party. To kick off my final few days before Christmas, we all need a good laugh. I blog this cartoon every year and my blogging buddies always love it. 

My children gave me money for my birthday this year so I could get my new mixer I wanted. I saw it every week when I went to Walmart. Then when I got ready to get it, it was out of stock at all 5 Walmarts in my area. I had given up hope of finding in. Monday it was on sale at Sears for $20 off the original price, which made it the same price as Walmart's price. So I got it and I am loving it. 

I broke it in really good by making chocolate cinnamon cake cookies with homemade chocolate frosting, spice cake cookies with salted caramel icing, peanut butter cookies made from scratch and snicker doodles made from a cookie mix. This was just two boxes of them. I had a total of 4 boxes. They were gone in no time. Out of all of them, the chocolate ones were the biggest hit. Even people who don't eat cookies came back for seconds, and thirds and fourths.... 

The peanut butter ones were from Mom's recipe she made when we were little. The kind where you make them from scratch and then refrigerate the dough for about 3 hours. I had to keep a few of those to eat myself that night with a glass of cold milk.

It was so cold yesterday in our office. When I got home, I put on my warmest jammies and fuzzy socks and sat in front of the fireplace just trying to get warm. I just noticed the tablecloth above and the p.j.'s below. I apparently have a thing for red plaid.

Saw this on Joann's online this week. In light of the fact that I want bolder colors in my sewing room and that I need a sewing basket, I think I may need to order this after Christmas.

I have been scouring Thirty-One, Vera Bradley and Donna Sharp sites looking for the perfect bag for work. One that has enough body to set up right without flopping over. One that has enough room for the items I have to carry back and forth every day. One that is stylish and in a pattern that I love. Well, I finally found exactly what I'm looking for. It's from Donna Sharp. I do love her bags and purses. This one has a leather bottom with four little "prongs" to keep if from getting filthy on the floor. This is on my wish list for January. 
It is so roomy inside. Perfect for my needs. We share desks in the call center so we always take our personal folders, notes and notebooks back and forth everyday. This will be exactly what I need. 

One day a few weeks ago, I stopped in at Walmart. Since I will be going to the eye doctor in February or March and I already can tell I need new glasses, I decided to look at what they had. This pair really caught my eye.  

Come spring, I am going antiquing and to yard sales to build my Pyrex inventory back up. I am going to start looking for space savers in the 503 size. I have one in the Town & Country and I have used it for so many different things. 

Have a great day!


Mary Hutchins said...

I've been wanting one of those mixers too!!! So glad you found one. Merry Christmas

Terri D said...

I've never heard of Donna Sharp, so will have to look up her website. Those cookies all look delicious and I'm sure they were gone in an instant. I'm going to bake some tomorrow night and more on Friday. Time is flying!! Merry Christmas!!