Weekend wrap up

What an amazing three days I have had. It's been a wonderful Christmas. Friday I made a cinnamon roll french toast casserole for our all day Christmas party in the Guest Services office at Dixie Stampede. I ate all day. Lots and lots of good stuff, but I couldn't stay out of the desserts. LOL. My favorite was pretzels with melted Hershey kisses and an M & M on top. I don't want to get on the scales for a few weeks after all that food. We did a secret Santa gifts exchange.

The lady I got absolutely loves sweets. So I got her a Thirty-One candy basket like mine and filled it with candy. She was thrilled.

Saturday the kids and grandkids came over for Christmas Eve. My daughter was setting with my granddaughter, Alexis. Alexis is the daughter of my son. My son realized that his daughter looks just like her Aunt Diana. We never realized how much they looked alike.

Colby was patiently waiting on everyone to get done with the clean up so they could open presents. On a recent visit over here, he discovered Snyders Puff-n-Corn. He is slightly addicted to it because he prefers just to have the whole bag. 

I love getting up on Christmas morning and turning my lights and fireplace on before opening presents. I keep up my home traditions even if I am the only one there. I still enjoy doing what me and Allen loved so much. 

Between the gifts from the kids Saturday night and my "Santa" gifts, I had a great Christmas. I love my new Samsung tablet and my pink and black polka dotted planner. Not to mention my jammies and sweater. I had a Big Bang Theory marathon last night with my new DVD's.

But there was one present under the tree that nobody claims putting their. It must have really come from Santa. It was a Nora Roberts trilogy series I have wanted for a couple of year but it was always in the oversize paperbacks that I do not like at all. Too bulky to read. But somebody found the series in regular paperback and snuck it under the tree with no tag. Whichever one it was, I am so happy that they found them.

I went to visit both children yesterday and see what all the grandkids got. I was just going to eat light all day since it was just me, but around 4:30, my mind changed itself and I ended up baking the ham, made some baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes and gravy. It was so good and now I have leftovers.  

 Now it's back to reality and a busy work week. We have 4 shows today at work and 5 shows a day the rest of the week. We are going to be slammed. I get to work group greeting and doors 3 of the 5 days this week. That is always so much fun. Have a great Monday.

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Terri D said...

After all that, you now have to work 5 shows a day!! My goodness, you have more stamina than I do!! Santa was sure good to you!! I haven't read any Nora Roberts in awhile. Let us know how you like the books!! Take care and rest when you can!!