Feeling a little blue today...

Yes, I'm feeling a little blue today....but not in the way you think. In my many searches for things on the internet, I keep finding things I like ... that are BLUE. So I thought I would share some of my favorite blue items I've found recently.

Of course, topping my list is going to be blue flip flops. Seriously? Who didn't see this coming? Aren't they comfortable looking.

And I can't list my fave things in any color without showing some Pyrex that is currently on my wish list.

The queen of purses, totes and bags always has a bag on any list. My current love is this Vera Bradley. I just love the pattern and the style of the purse. What I don't like is the price so I will just admire it at the mall.

I love vintage items and I would love to have a vintage pie vent...even though I don't make pie. I just want one to add to my vintage collection items.

This is a gorgeous juicer. Even though it is in Pyrex snowflake garland pattern, I would use it year round if I could find one.

As spring starts to roll around, I will be looking for a new tablecloth. I want something in blue and white. I really like this one.

What a cute compact. I have a thing about whimsical birds. Even though real life birds scare me if they get to close or when they gather on a wire.  

Who wouldn't love to have a cozy corner in their home like this. It would be a perfect spot to snuggle up with hot chocolate and a good book on a winter day.

If I could fine this dress, I would buy it. But that would be a problem because I would have to find my waistline before I could wear it. Oh, how I miss the days when I weighed 110.

And no list of blue would be complete with out my favorite blue in the entire world. The beach.

Now you can see my top 10 reasons why I'm feeling a little blue today. I don't work until later today so I do believe I will do a little vintage shopping today on my way to work. There are several great antique stores I can stop at along the way. Have a great Saturday!

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Terri D said...

Your and I could go shopping together and then fight over who gets the things we find because I always like what you find to share with us! Hope you had fun vintage shopping on the way to work!