Friday Foto Friends

Only in Tennessee can you go from -6° on a Sunday morning after having anywhere from 3"-5" of snow across the county to waking up 5 days later on a Friday and have it a nice balmy 60° at 7:00 in the morning.

Sunday it looked like this....

By Thursday we had some pretty clouds hanging low after a morning rain and it was inching it's way up to the 60's.

As I was leaving for work yesterday at 8:30, I saw this in the sky. What a huge difference from Sunday.

What a wild weather week. According to WBIR weather, we are going to have another spring-like day in East Tennessee with spotty showers. Have a great Friday and be sure to visit Friday Foto Friends.


Debbie Huffaker said...

The weather is really all over the place. Mercy! Hope you enjoy your weekend. I answered your question about the camera via email. Thanks for sharing your pics today.

Mary Hutchins said...

Out weather in my part of Texas has been the same way..crazy!! Love the rainbow.

Terri D said...

Wild weather here too, though not quite the temperature swing you had!

Sylvia said...

Oh yes, we had 20 degrees last weekend and 76 yesterday! Looking forward to spring and pretty flowers!


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