Just a couple of things....

It's already 2:25 p.m. in my neck of the woods and I'm just now getting to my blog post for the day. On a good note, I have gotten a lot accomplished today. I'm working on some coasters in various patterns and different yarn colors in my plastic canvas. I got this one done yesterday. I love it.

This morning I was making some breakfast and I went to grab a spoon to open the biscuit can. I picked up a fork by mistake and actually put it back and got a spoon because Hungry Jack has conditioned my mind after 40 years of making canned biscuits that I need to "press a spoon" against the seams. Now I don't know about you, but my fork and spoon handles have identical ends on them in the exact same shape and thickness as each other. So it really doesn't matter what I used. That just struck me as how weird my mind is that I would even pay any attention to that. I decided to be a rebel and guess what? I opened it with a fork. I sure did.

And when I was online earlier, I saw something that made me just stop and think .... Why??? Could you give me one reason...any reason at all....that anybody would ever actually care about what the actually battery looks like when they put it inside a remote, a clock, a mouse, whatever. I just can't wrapped my mind a good reason to want "pretty" batteries. 

Well there's just a few of my random thoughts today. Hope you are enjoying your day. We have gorgeous sunshine outside my window.


Lady Jane said...

I always slam my hungry jacks against the counter and they open lickety split... Different strokes for different folks lol... I agree, I don't think "pretty" when getting batteries. Hugs, LJ

Terri D said...

Those fancy batteries are a hoot! I still just whack the biscuit roll against the counter. It still works fine.