My Pryex/Vintage Fix

Saturday morning I went to a local antique store and saw some gorgeous stuff. I really stood and debated a long time about this but ended up not getting it. I personally thought $28 was a little high for it a pitcher and four glasses. But it was beautiful.

So many booths had vintage Pyrex, Fire King and Glasbake. But this one particular set is one I just posted the other day that I wanted. But it was $60.00. Yes, that right a 6 and an 0. Wow. Way on the pricey side for me. I know that is an average of $20 per bowl but when I get deals like $6 - $12 per bowl I just can't make myself pay that.

She did have some amazing pieces. Everything on this section was a little high.

Other than the pink on the top, this section was more reasonable. Although some of it was still high.

But in other booths I did find me a few things. Like this 502 Homestead for just $5.75.

And this Glasbake Loaf Pan for just $5.00.

And this little adorable Fire King bowl and lid for $3.75

They were marked higher than that but when I got up to the counter one of them was 10% off and the other two were 25% off so I got a great bargain. Last  night, I went to the Dixie Stampede to see this season's show. It is a mandatory part of our job to see the show again at every season change so we can tell guests more about the show. The most significant change this season is the return of the Longhorns. They were amazing.

There is going to be a fourth one as soon as he learns his routine. Can't wait to see what he looks like. These picture were from faraway so they don't do them justice but these were some BIG steers with some HUGE horns.

It was a very good weekend, plus I managed to even get some rest in. 

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Terri D said...

I'm glad to hear you got your glassware fix and that you also got to see the new show. The longhorns do look amazing!