New Room Day...

I sat today aside to be THE DAY that I organize the craft room. And what is the first memory that pops up on Facebook this morning?

My craft supplies right now is a little bit of yarn, some scraps of material and some glue products (guns, bottles, etc.) along with assorted buttons. Everything else was stuff I have purchased over the years to have on hand for Children's Church. With our new program, I won't be needing those items any more so I'm clearing out to make room for fabric and items needed for applique. I want to start doing some applique. It is so fun and so relaxing.

I also want to do appliques on items that I can sew and make into something.

I also want to do some Mason jar crafts.

I need to make a Walmart run. A friend of mine found these baskets for $1.98 each at Walmart. I'm going to head over there tomorrow and try to pick some up. They would be perfect to hold craft supplies.

I will keep you posted on what I end up doing. 


Mary Hutchins said...

I love those red and white towels, I might try making some! I also want to do some tin can crafts. I've seen some pretty ones on Pinterest. Crafting is so much fun!

Sylvia said...

Oh I should have read your blog "Before" I went to Walmart this morning. I sure would love to have a few of those baskets. Maybe they'll still have them next to I bravely go there.

Terri D said...

I love how excited you get about being creative - and we benefit because of all the cool stuff you find and share with us!!