Some ideas....

I want to do this. It is simply a cooling rack over top a basket or plastic tub and you just organize your lids...which are always the most disorganized item in my house.

I have one of these wall centers from Thirty-One and I don't use it that much. Even though I don't have children at home, I could use this to keep track of the many things I'm involved in. Right now, it just kind of hangs there. I'll update it this week and show you the before and after.

Isn't this pretty. It's called the Stems pattern from Pyrex. I would love to come across one of these somewhere at a good price. 

I saved this from Pinterest because I love how they used the magazine holders to hold water bottles and travel mugs. I am definitely going to do this. I have a lot of these and they don't fit anywhere without just standing them up and taking up a lot of room. I was so excited about pinning the bottle idea that I didn't notice it. Do you see what I see? A piece of butterfly gold Pyrex on the top shelf on the left side.

This is a cute curtain idea. Pretty assorted lace and linens. I'm not sure if they are hankies or doilies or dresser scarves, but I guess you could use anything.

Here's another one with lots of vintage linens. This is adorable. 

I found another idea for storage lids. This is the Thirty-One double duty caddy. That is a great use for one of them. I may have to get me one.

Heading out to McKay's to exchange some books today. It's rainy and dreary but supposed to clear out later. Have a great Monday.


Terri D said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I'm sorting and tossing and trying to get organized for the new house. Love the cooling rack idea for storing plastic lids. Yes!!

Rachel said...

It's rainy and dreary here too, and cold. I am going to do the bottle idea. I really like that. I like the plastic lid idea too. Hope you find some good books!👩‍🏫

Jan said...

Thanks for the lid storage ideas-I've got to do something with my scary plastic container and lid cabinet. It all leaps out and attacks me every time I open the door!