Throw back Thursday....

Lots of things from my childhood and teen years that you just don't see any more. One thing I miss that I wish we still had was our old Brother portable typewriter. Rachel got it for Christmas when she took typing. She may still have it for all I know. I thought it was so cool to get to type on it. 

Do you remember when Pizza Hut had these red plastic glasses. We didn't go out to eat much, but when we did it was usually fast food. I remember the first time I dined in at a Pizza Hut and it had dim lights and red checkered table clothes and these glasses. I wanted one of the glasses so bad. I thought it was so cool. Now I hate to drink out of plastic glasses. 

Did any of you ever have homemade Popsicle's made out of Kool-Aid with Tupperware's Popsicle freezable containers. It was so awesome.

And I loved when I first started homemaking and Tupperware carried all this amazing colors of containers. I loved it all. My favorite was the pitchers. For making the Kool-Aid that used to pour to make the popsicles.

So many people have ice makers nowadays that ice trays are slowing becoming something you don't see much. I must say though that the new plastic ice trays are a lot easier to pop out the ice than these old metal ones.

Jack always had a set of toy cap pistols and we loved buying these. As we got older, we would roll them out on the sidewalk and hit each dot with a rock to make it explode. 

I loved these little things, even though I don't know what they called them. But they could drive you absolutely crazy!

And who in my generation never played with Tinker Toys. I loved, loved, loved building things with Tinker Toys. 

When you had a cut did you get Mecurochrome or Merthiolate on it. That stuff burned like the dickens but we never got an infection so it must have worked. Mom would blow on the cut while she put it on and I would cry anyway. FYI blowing on it while administering it was no help at all.

Do you remember the old metal glasses? They had a matching pitcher. I never see these that I don't remember drinking out of them at Uncle Charlie's and Aunt Louise's house.

And my favorite memory today is the View Master. I remember we had one and Daddy had gotten some disks of the Grand Canyon. He loved sitting and looking at those. I loved my View Master. 

What are some of your favorite things you remember?


Karen said...

I remember all these things! Thanks for your fun post today. When Sears Roebuck first replaced manual typewriters with electric in the offic, I kept typing one letter 5 or 6 times because I was hitting the keys too hard LOL

Nonnie said...

I remember every one of those items pictured. Loved the memories of each one. I can still feel the coldness of those metal glasses against my lips. There was a certain atmosphere with the dimmed lighting and those tablecloths at Pizza Hut. Love it. I did a post about my old typewriter like that a few years ago.

Rachel said...

I wish I still had my typewriter. It ended up in Ruby's junk pile. Lol! I do still have our view master and the movie reels. The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Top Cat, Grand Canyon. Remember those? I wish I still had all my Tupperware I got at my wedding shower.

Terri D said...

Yes, indeed I remember all of those things! My grandma always had Kool-Aid popsicles in the freezer for us kids to enjoy when we visited. Those metal glasses always hurt my teeth!! Thanks for the fun memories!