Some vintage finds and wishes.....

I stopped at a favorite antique booth Saturday and got all of this for under $5.00. I was thrilled. 

I have been in love with the vintage Glasbake tulip pattern for years and pick up any piece I find. Here is my collection so far. 

I need to find the brown coffee cup as well. I have seen it in antique stores but it has always been pricey. Everything in the above picture was purchased at a price of $1.00 - $4.00. So I won't pay a fortune for one coffee cup. This one was $12 at a recent location. 

But I see them a lot so I'm sure I will stumble on the brown since the red and brown were the most popular ones back in the day. But the elusive one is the beautiful blue. I want this one the most. And it is the only one I have never even seen in the wild. I can order a set of two of them from Etsy, but with tax and everything it is $25 and that would make it $12.50 per cup. Nope. No matter how bad I want it, I'm not paying $12.50 for a coffee cup for decoration.

The little Salt & Pepper that I got Saturday, were just .50 cents for the set. They will work for what I have in mind and I still am glad I found them. But I really want this whole set. 

If I can't find the whole set, I will settle for either nutmeg, ginger or preferably cinnamon. I have a plan for the tater masher as decor and I need the spice characters for the display I want to make. Updates as they occur.

For 4 or 5 years now, I have had my eye on the pink & orange floral pattern by Arcopal France. Since these originated in France around 1958 - 1960. I have longed for the pitcher since I first laid eyes on it. But you know my policy, I have to find my stuff in the wild. No fair going online and snatching it up just because it is there. Pricing is a big part of my collecting and I refuse to pay the exorbitant E-bay prices and shipping on these items. Here is the pitcher I want so bad.

I didn't realize until today that they also made a spice set in that pattern.

And I love the sugar canister.

Along with the salt & pepper shakers.

Here are a few of the coordinating bowls in various patterns. 

That's just some of the things on my mind today. Have a great Tuesday.


Time to do a little crafting....

I love to craft for holidays and St. Patrick's Day and Easter will be over the next couple of months, not to mention decorating for spring. Isn't this a cute idea for a candy dish for St. Patrick's day?

This wreath is another cute, simple idea to make.

But I really fell in love with this one. Talk about simple.

A pretty display for a shelf or mantle.

This was my table centerpiece several years ago, but I got rid of most of it when I moved and downsized. Now I regret it so I'm going to try to recreate it. I know where to find another pink chicken salt dip, I just need to look for a bunny. The flowers will be easy to duplicate and the vase was from Dollar Tree.

I love my Easter Egg wreath I made many years ago. But I'm going to revamp it this year and add a bigger bow and make it with a little sturdier wire.

I want this little bunny wreath. That would be easy and fun to make. But I'd use different ribbon then black and white chevron. 

This is one of my favorite Easter things I have, my Easter tea for one that Mom bought me. After Easter, I turn it back around to use for spring because the back side is just flowers.

I am so in love with this it isn't funny. It is going on my to do list. 

I planned on doing these last year and didn't get a chance but I am going to this year for sure.

I tried printing this out last year but my printer didn't have a good quality. I believe I will find the printable and have it printed at Staples or Walmart on a matte photo paper.

On my day off this week, I'm planning a trip to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree to get some of this stuff going.


Some spring humor.....

We went from 78° on Friday to 53° on Saturday to waking up to 28° today. Well, yuck. That's how I feel about that. So I decided instead of Sunday songs today, I would find some spring humor. This first one took me a minute but when I figured it out, I thought it was just adorable.


A very special day!!

Today is a very special day to me. It's the day one of my cousins turns as old as I am. I love all my cousins, but my cousin Patty is the one nearest me in age. I was born one year in December and she was born the next year in February. So even though it's just a couple of months, she has always liked to remind me that I am older than her. Well, today we are the same age again. This is Patty in the front of the picture and me tagging along behind her.

Top row on the right end is Patty and that is me, second from the end, right beside her.  

I don't remember her ever being in a bad mood. She always has a smile ready for anybody she meets. This is her and my Mom.

Lots of wonderful childhood memories. She move to the beaches of NC recently and I hope to make a weekend trip over their to see her this summer. (L-R: Patty, me, and my sister Rachel)

She's very beautiful inside and out and I love her with all my heart. She is one very classy lady and I'm proud to call her family.

I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic happy birthday Patty. I love you!



Join me at Friday Foto Friends over at Breathing in Grace.

It is beautiful here in East Tennessee. We had a glorious day yesterday and today the high is supposed to hit 78°. I only work 5 hours today so I will be off in time to enjoy some of the beautiful weather. Winds move in tonight with a chance of gusts up to 57 mph. 

I was driving with my sunroof open yesterday, and snapped a pic of the beautiful sky. 

My favorite thing about this time of year is the rebirth that the trees, flowers and shrubs go through. We have this big huge tree in the field across from my house. It has looked so naked and dead all winter. But lo and behold some daffodils popped up over the past few days, giving that feeling of regeneration we all need after a long, cold winter.

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning with lots of birds singing.

It is always a great way to start the morning when I step out on my front porch and watch the world come alive.

May  you all have a very blessed day today.


Looking forward to a great day.....

I love when I have a day off that I have a clean house and all the laundry is caught up and I can go outside and "play". My friend Sherrie and I are going to head out to some antique stores today. We don't have anything particular we are looking for. This is just going to be one of those "window shopping" expeditions. She is looking for ideas on depression glass to add to a display she is doing. 

And I am looking to get ideas for my craft room/office. It is currently a hodge-podge of colors and themes and I'm trying to think about how I want to tie together what I have and bring in some vintage, but still keep it crafty looking. It's a big challenge. I have every color under the sun in my room. I'm just so torn on what to do. I've Googled and went to Pinterest until I am almost sick of trying to figure it out. Then this morning, by accident I came across this picture and my heart just picked up speed. And I got such a feeling of excitement. I would think it wouldn't be too expensive to make this white table with shelving unit.

I am 100% totally, absolutely in love with this idea. I could blend this in so easy. I am getting a vision and I am loving it. I have been obsesses with Mason jars for along time now and I see a way I could use them in this decor theme. Lots of cute little mason jars lining my shelfs with glue sticks, ribbons, craft sticks, lace, buttons, etc. I love this.

Just so you know, red is my favorite color of all time. I go through spells where I love other colors but red is my main fave. I could easily live in a red room. Since I spend so much time in my craft/office, red makes perfect since. And I need a new sewing box but can't find one I like. What about an old vintage red tool box cleaned up and the little trays lined with felt to hold my sewing supplies.

And a red vintage utility card to hold my printer on the bottom shelf and put my vintage phone on the top shelf when I find an old black rotary one I want. 

 I could also use Mason jars for my pens, pencils and markers. I don't have this many, but one little tray with a few jars on it would hold all mine.

Well, it's decided. This is what I am going to do to my room. I'm coming home this afternoon to see what items I have around the house that I can start incorporating some of these ideas. Even if it is only the Mason jars. It will be a start.


Working on it....

A few weeks ago, I shared this cute Pinterest idea and said I had this bowl. 

Since then, I have picked up a pair of little vintage scissors and got out a couple of small scissors I already had. I put some safety pins in the bowl (there's not enough to see yet) as I already had a pretty pin cushion for my stick pins. I need some more sizes of safety pins and I want to find some unique scissors but these will work for now. 

I love when I find something on Pinterest that I love and it actually works out the way it should when I try it. I'll show you the final project when I find more scissors.  It's a rainy, dreary Wednesday in my part of the world. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine wherever you are.


Making plans for spring and summer...

With this beautiful weather, it makes me look forward to spring which makes me think about Easter. I have actually found a dress I like for Easter Sunday. Just not sure if it is "the one" so I will keep looking, but for now I like this.

I want to pair it with a nice white tote purse.

And a pair of strappy low heeled sandals.

But we will have to see what I find. I have been doing some plastic canvas lately. I'm working on a set of coasters for a friend of mine. She wants the variegated threat in an assortment of patterns. I have the first one done. Five more to go.

I am also doing a small Easter egg basket for myself. I have four eggs done and started the bottom of the basket, just four more eggs to go on this project. 

I'm going to go to Myrtle Beach later this year with a friend. I'm thinking about taking a drive down toward Charleston on Hwy 17 so I can stop at one of the sweet grass basket roadside "shops" to pick me up a handmade basket. I have a little one I got a few years ago, but would like one a little big bigger.

I really want another trip all the way into Charleston sometime. I love the market in the middle of town.

I know I am going to Peggy's Antiques in Surfside Beach when I go. They have several booths that normally have Pyrex at good prices. 

I think I have beach fever because I am looking at places to go and things to do. I'm also scouting around for some great deals on new flip flops. I want a pair of these for my trip to the beach. 

And a pair of these for my trip to Columbus for the Thirty-One conference.

Can you tell I have travel fever today as well as spring fever?