A very special day!!

Today is a very special day to me. It's the day one of my cousins turns as old as I am. I love all my cousins, but my cousin Patty is the one nearest me in age. I was born one year in December and she was born the next year in February. So even though it's just a couple of months, she has always liked to remind me that I am older than her. Well, today we are the same age again. This is Patty in the front of the picture and me tagging along behind her.

Top row on the right end is Patty and that is me, second from the end, right beside her.  

I don't remember her ever being in a bad mood. She always has a smile ready for anybody she meets. This is her and my Mom.

Lots of wonderful childhood memories. She move to the beaches of NC recently and I hope to make a weekend trip over their to see her this summer. (L-R: Patty, me, and my sister Rachel)

She's very beautiful inside and out and I love her with all my heart. She is one very classy lady and I'm proud to call her family.

I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic happy birthday Patty. I love you!

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Rachel said...

I love those pictures! Mom is pregnant with Andy in that picture of her and Patty. That was Christmas Day I think.