I need your opinion....

I am turning to my trusted readers to get your opinion. You recall the $4.00 vintage tablecloth I bought a few weeks ago? I soaked it and treated a couple of stains on it and am happy to say all but one came completed out and the other is very faint so it is time for it to go on the table. The challenge I am facing is what to put as the centerpiece on it. 

I have "shopped" my house for the perfect centerpiece. I have found four solutions but not sure which one I like the best....or if I'd rather look for some other vintage option. But here is where I need your help. Please leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know which one jumps out at you as the best or advise me if I should scratch them all and go on a treasure hunt to local thrift/antique stores. Your honest opinion is appreciated.....

#1 - A Colonial Mist Pyrex mixing bowl with fake eggs.

#2 - A red wire basket with the eggs

#3 - A brown wicker basket with the eggs

#4 - Or totally scratch the eggs and use my rooster tray, S & P shakers and rooster glass with toothpicks. Forgot my flash on this one so the picture is a little darker. 

I look forward to your vote. I also wanted to show you this cute potholder I found yesterday at a Craft & Antique store. I thought it was so pretty and spring-y looking. For just a $1.50 it was a no brainer to buy it. I think I'm going to hang it to display it and not use it. 

Have a happy Thursday.


Amy Lloyd said...

I think a tall vase or pitcher with the blue flowers like in the tablecloth would be pretty!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I like the last display....but....how about putting it in an oval, shallow basket or tray? Just a thought!

Jan said...

I like both #1 and #2!