Looking forward to a great day.....

I love when I have a day off that I have a clean house and all the laundry is caught up and I can go outside and "play". My friend Sherrie and I are going to head out to some antique stores today. We don't have anything particular we are looking for. This is just going to be one of those "window shopping" expeditions. She is looking for ideas on depression glass to add to a display she is doing. 

And I am looking to get ideas for my craft room/office. It is currently a hodge-podge of colors and themes and I'm trying to think about how I want to tie together what I have and bring in some vintage, but still keep it crafty looking. It's a big challenge. I have every color under the sun in my room. I'm just so torn on what to do. I've Googled and went to Pinterest until I am almost sick of trying to figure it out. Then this morning, by accident I came across this picture and my heart just picked up speed. And I got such a feeling of excitement. I would think it wouldn't be too expensive to make this white table with shelving unit.

I am 100% totally, absolutely in love with this idea. I could blend this in so easy. I am getting a vision and I am loving it. I have been obsesses with Mason jars for along time now and I see a way I could use them in this decor theme. Lots of cute little mason jars lining my shelfs with glue sticks, ribbons, craft sticks, lace, buttons, etc. I love this.

Just so you know, red is my favorite color of all time. I go through spells where I love other colors but red is my main fave. I could easily live in a red room. Since I spend so much time in my craft/office, red makes perfect since. And I need a new sewing box but can't find one I like. What about an old vintage red tool box cleaned up and the little trays lined with felt to hold my sewing supplies.

And a red vintage utility card to hold my printer on the bottom shelf and put my vintage phone on the top shelf when I find an old black rotary one I want. 

 I could also use Mason jars for my pens, pencils and markers. I don't have this many, but one little tray with a few jars on it would hold all mine.

Well, it's decided. This is what I am going to do to my room. I'm coming home this afternoon to see what items I have around the house that I can start incorporating some of these ideas. Even if it is only the Mason jars. It will be a start.

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