Making plans for spring and summer...

With this beautiful weather, it makes me look forward to spring which makes me think about Easter. I have actually found a dress I like for Easter Sunday. Just not sure if it is "the one" so I will keep looking, but for now I like this.

I want to pair it with a nice white tote purse.

And a pair of strappy low heeled sandals.

But we will have to see what I find. I have been doing some plastic canvas lately. I'm working on a set of coasters for a friend of mine. She wants the variegated threat in an assortment of patterns. I have the first one done. Five more to go.

I am also doing a small Easter egg basket for myself. I have four eggs done and started the bottom of the basket, just four more eggs to go on this project. 

I'm going to go to Myrtle Beach later this year with a friend. I'm thinking about taking a drive down toward Charleston on Hwy 17 so I can stop at one of the sweet grass basket roadside "shops" to pick me up a handmade basket. I have a little one I got a few years ago, but would like one a little big bigger.

I really want another trip all the way into Charleston sometime. I love the market in the middle of town.

I know I am going to Peggy's Antiques in Surfside Beach when I go. They have several booths that normally have Pyrex at good prices. 

I think I have beach fever because I am looking at places to go and things to do. I'm also scouting around for some great deals on new flip flops. I want a pair of these for my trip to the beach. 

And a pair of these for my trip to Columbus for the Thirty-One conference.

Can you tell I have travel fever today as well as spring fever?

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