Some vintage finds and wishes.....

I stopped at a favorite antique booth Saturday and got all of this for under $5.00. I was thrilled. 

I have been in love with the vintage Glasbake tulip pattern for years and pick up any piece I find. Here is my collection so far. 

I need to find the brown coffee cup as well. I have seen it in antique stores but it has always been pricey. Everything in the above picture was purchased at a price of $1.00 - $4.00. So I won't pay a fortune for one coffee cup. This one was $12 at a recent location. 

But I see them a lot so I'm sure I will stumble on the brown since the red and brown were the most popular ones back in the day. But the elusive one is the beautiful blue. I want this one the most. And it is the only one I have never even seen in the wild. I can order a set of two of them from Etsy, but with tax and everything it is $25 and that would make it $12.50 per cup. Nope. No matter how bad I want it, I'm not paying $12.50 for a coffee cup for decoration.

The little Salt & Pepper that I got Saturday, were just .50 cents for the set. They will work for what I have in mind and I still am glad I found them. But I really want this whole set. 

If I can't find the whole set, I will settle for either nutmeg, ginger or preferably cinnamon. I have a plan for the tater masher as decor and I need the spice characters for the display I want to make. Updates as they occur.

For 4 or 5 years now, I have had my eye on the pink & orange floral pattern by Arcopal France. Since these originated in France around 1958 - 1960. I have longed for the pitcher since I first laid eyes on it. But you know my policy, I have to find my stuff in the wild. No fair going online and snatching it up just because it is there. Pricing is a big part of my collecting and I refuse to pay the exorbitant E-bay prices and shipping on these items. Here is the pitcher I want so bad.

I didn't realize until today that they also made a spice set in that pattern.

And I love the sugar canister.

Along with the salt & pepper shakers.

Here are a few of the coordinating bowls in various patterns. 

That's just some of the things on my mind today. Have a great Tuesday.

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