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It's early Saturday morning and all is quiet for the moment. With three grandchildren in the house for the weekend, it's going to be a busy exciting day. Last night involved a lot of looking at old videos of them dancing and singing and then they had to recreate some of their more favorite songs/dances. It was one of those nights where anything goes at Mamaw's place. I walked through the living room at one time and saw Colby like this. Not sure what in the world was up with the fire hat, but I just snapped a picture and went to make popcorn. 

After breakfast, we are heading out to Gatlinburg to Ripley's Aquarium, My first trip up to Gatlinburg since the fires in November. Then later this evening we have reservations for dinner and the show at Dixie Stampede. I'm supper excited for them to see the new longhorn steers in the show. It's going to be a great day.

Our weather was up in the mid 60's yesterday, going to be right around 60 today and up to 67 tomorrow. According to my memories on Facebook, last year on this day we had some snow and ice and cold. Glad things changed this year. This was a tree in my yard covered in icicles.

I want to thank everyone who voiced an opinion on my table centerpiece. The blue bowl with the eggs won out....until my cousin Carmen and several friends suggested I needed some height and flowers. So I pulled together what I had for now and think this is the way I am going to head for the decor. 

However, that pitcher goes somewhere in the dining room and I don't like the brown wicker basket. I am going to spray paint the basket and I want a French enamel/porcelain pitcher with red flowers. Something like this. 

I am going to look for a little enamel cabinet to put in the kitchen as well. I had one like this back in the late 70's/early 80's. I loved that little cabinet. So I'm going to look for one similar to this that is in pretty decent shape to keep all my storage containers and lids in. I am tired of digging around to find them.

For years, I have wanted this little Arcopal pitcher from France. (Their version of Pyrex). I found one on Etsy that is semi-affordable. If it wasn't for $15 in shipping charges, I would order it. I'm going to debate it. The pitcher is just $8.97. If I could get her to do $20 total for shipping and the pitcher, I would bite the bullet and get it. We'll see what she says.

I am also on the prowl for these Hazel Atlas cups and saucers. I just love this pattern. 

Really seriously thinking about looking for an old bike to make a planter to lean up against my porch. We'll see. 

I am wanting a pretty glass sugar bowl. It doesn't have to be vintage, I just want it to be pretty. I was sitting at my desk and realized I had a piece of pretty glassware that I love sitting right there. It is normally used for Junior Mints but I have plenty of candy dishes so I swapped out and this is now my sugar bowl. I just have put sugar in it yet. On my to do list today. I'm not sure if it is a candy dish or a sugar bowl, but for me it is now my sugar bowl.

Tomorrow is chocolate mint day. You know how excited that makes me. And check it out...I'm already prepared. I didn't even know it was Chocolate Mint day tomorrow so it was a good thing my Girl Scout Cookies came in yesterday. Not going to open them until tomorrow. I make no guarantees on the Junior Mints staying closed until then.

Well, I hear stirrings from the grandbabies. Hope everybody has a blessed Saturday.

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