A little design project

I am planning for a yard sale in April so I was going through some things yesterday. I came across this shelf that my Daddy made me back in the 80's. I have not used it for years because I couldn't find the "perfect" use for it any more. But I couldn't part with it because Daddy made it. 

As I looked at it, I thought "Hmm, I have blue paint in my craft stuff, wonder if I painted this if I would find a use for it. So I started painting it with no idea what I was going to do with it. 

But my cousin had just talked to me about my craft room this morning and I was inspired to do some kind of little shelf. I remembered the little metal sign I got at Walmart on Saturday. I decided to attach it to the top of the shelf. I think it being such a long top with no decor is why I couldn't ever decide how to use it in the first place. 

Then I hung it up and put a doily on it. I am convinced that anything looks better with a doily. Comes from growing up in a family that was forever crocheting doilies.

I went to a big daisy bush I have in another part of the house and clipped off two little daisies that wouldn't be missed on the big planter. I stuck them in the little votive candle holder I found a few weeks ago and put my little pink bird from Hobby Lobby with it. And wah-lah! I have something to decorate my wall that I am absolutely in love with!

But then I thought it looked a little "lonesome" just hanging on the wall alone. So I got my other spring stuff I bought recently, and now my wall looks like this. 

So that motivated me to do something with a few of the other spring/Easter things I had purchased and to figure out what to do with my new vintage pitcher. So what do you think? I'm pleased with the results.

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Terri D said...

I love how your project turned out! Awesome!!