Candy dish maniac

I mentioned yesterday that I apparently like to collect candy dishes. For years, I have been picking up little vintage candy dishes, glass bowls, relish dishes, etc. As I go on my antique/thrift store trips I find many more I like but I don't buy them just to buy them. They need to hit my fancy or match a room or something. And they have to have an amazing price. Here are some I saw online that I find are very beautiful in my opinion. If I could find just one or two of these this year, I would be so happy.
I love the cut glass effect in this one. It's not your usual sandwich glass pattern, but I love it.

This little pale yellow one reminds me of a carousel top.

I love the blue/green carnival glass.

Be still my heart! PINK! And I just love the pedestal legs.

I have seen this one before. And while I do like it in the blue, I'm not sure I would love it enough to buy it. Unless the price was unreal.

I don't normally go for the amber glass, but oh my gosh it has bees and beehives on it.

This is a unique yellow color.

This is pretty. I like the reddish pink with the clear.

Of course I love milk glass and have many pieces of milk glass so it's only natural that I like milk glass candy dishes.

Now this is just too cute for words. I'm not sure it is a candy dish or a sorbet bowl, but it is adorable.

And another pretty pink. I see this a lot in the amber and the dark green, but never have I seen a pink one.

But the one I want the most and I have been looking for it for four years now. Is the carnival glass color in this thumbprint candy dish. It was made by Indiana Glass I believe. I find it EVERYWHERE in EVERY color.....except the color like this. But I will keep searching and someday find this. I will definitely do a happy dance on that day!