Friday Foto Friends

Mother Nature is playing cruel tricks again. Flip flops all day on Monday and Tuesday. Beautiful weather for Wednesday and Thursday. No jacket or coat needed up in the day. Thunderstorms and rain last night. Today will only get up in the mid-high 50's. Tomorrow, cooler temps and 2-5" of snow. Seriously?? I need the beach. 

In honor of it being Friday Foto Friends and me being sick of this fluctuating weather, I've brought out some of my beach pictures from the last trip I took. I'm ready for warm breezes, sunshine and wave crashing at my feet. I want beautiful sunrises.

And moons shining across the ocean at night.

I want a big chocolate Sundae from Johnny Rockets at Barefoot Landing.

And a juicy cheeseburger from Hamburger Joe's near Surfside Beach.

I want to stand on my balcony and look at the beautiful ocean view and listen to the waves as the tides comes in.

And I want to be able on the beach with a good book and let my little feet feel the sand and sunshine. 

Yes, I definitely need the beach.


Debbie Huffaker said...

A beach sounds great... but for now we'll be forced to deal with the weather God's sending our way. One thing's for sure... It's interesting! Lol I'm taking a cold, I think from the fluctuations. Boo! Thanks for sharing your fotos... makes me long for a beach trip... It's been many years since we've had a vacation... hopefully this is the year!

Sylvia said...

Yes, I am with you! I have a bad attitude about this weather, send me to the beach and don't let me come back until it changes!

Mary Hutchins said...

Oh my, that hamburger and sundae looks soooo good. Yummy!

Jan said...

That all sounds good to me-especially the chocolate sundae!

Terri D said...

That sundae looks DELICIOUS!!