It's been busy...

It's been a busy week at my place. I've worked some strange schedule this week since I was training and the training went great. Not to mention, we are gearing up for the opening of Dolly Parton's newest dinner attraction and show, Smoky Mountain Adventures. It is going to be amazing and I can't wait to attend it to see what it is like. 

Yesterday for lunch before I went to work, I fixed a grilled pizza sandwich. My grandson came up with this idea when he was 10 or 11. You butter a piece of bread like you do for grilled cheese and put it in your skillet, butter side down. Cover the top with pizza sauce, your favorite topping(s), I use pork sausage. Then spread on your fave cheese. I use finely shredded it works better and I always choose Colby Jack cheese.

Then butter another piece of bread and put on the top, butter side up.

Grilled on medium heat until golden brown and then flip to the other side and finish it off. 

Doesn't that look loaded and deliciouse. I am here to tell you it is devine.

I am strange, but I love M & M's as a side dish on anything that is pizza related.

I had made some brownies earlier and was wishing I had some icing or some type of topping for them. Then inspiration hit. I remember something I made years ago and the icing recipe was simple. I melted a couple of miniature Milky Ways with a little bit of peanut butter and just a splash of water. This made a gooey delicious ganache. I poured it over my one slice of brownie as a test. Instant success. This was SO good that I'm doing a whole pan like this for work next week. 

I needed a new shower curtain and liner. But I can't find what I want. When I was in Family Dollar the other day they had heavy ones that act as the liner and the curtain. So I thought I'd pick one up for temporary use. It was just $4.00 but I am happy with it for now. And because it is heavy, it doesn't blow against you with the power of the shower going.  

I had a little sea shell shaped dish that I put some fake sea glass in to add to the decor on the ledge of the tub. 

I have to wear closed toe shoes to work which stinks in the summer when I love flip flops. In addition, we can't wear wild or bold nail polish (in keeping with our time theme). But my granddaughter Shelby had a great solution. She said to do my toes wild and nobody at work will ever see them, but I will know that at least my toes are bold even if my fingers aren't. I took her advice and did my toes in this pretty turquoise and decorated them with the pink with dots. I now have polka dot toe nails. 

But my nails are still a pale pink.

Well, that's life in my world the last few days. Have a great Thursday. 

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Terri D said...

I love the sea glass that matches you new shower curtain. Looks great to me! That brownie looks 'to die for' good! The grilled pizza sandwich is such a great idea! Yum!! Hope work settles down a bit for you. I know you had a crazy week, but I look forward to hearing about the new attraction!