Weekend wrap up

I had a short weekend considering I worked until 7:00 on Friday, was off on Saturday and worked 6 hours after church on Sunday. But I did find time on Saturday to go to an estate sale, Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart. I picked up a few things and got some great deals. Here are my finds for the weekend. 

I love vintage pitchers. I did some research and found one place that said mid-century and one said retro 60's. So I would say this is from the 1950-1960's time era. I love it. They made matching glasses. I'll have to keep my eyes open.

I found this little trinket box. I did some research on it as well and it was Avon and called A Gift of Love. Nobody seems to know the date it was made, but I was told it is old. It belonged to the mother of one of my dear friends so I will always treasure it. It has a lot of loving wear because I found pics of what this originally looked like and the flowers were coming out of a wicker basket and had the words "A Gift of Love" on it. She must have used this a lot for the basket and words to be worn off.

I have been looking for a hobnail milk glass toothpick holder and finally found one. I am so happy. It is so cute.

I picked up this tulip candle holder and little bunny at Hobby Lobby.

This has me really excited. The two charms were on sale for 1/2 off and the chain for the necklace was 40% off coupon. So I got a new necklace and a Believe Charm to put on my key chain and the total cost was $3.98. SCORE!

Here's the necklace....

And here's the key chain. I love how Tinkerbell's wings are filled with gold glitter. I wonder if it is "fairy dust"?

I have a wall in my office that I need some things to hang to add some color. I love this. It goes with my little whimsical birds I have in there.

I also love inspiring or motivating quotes so I fell in love with these.

I found this little plant for $1.00 and decided to grow it and see what it does. I found a video and once it grows, if you touch it, the leaves will curl up away from your touch and stay that way for awhile. How cool.

Saturday evening I was looking through a box and found a couple of rolls of washi tape and some tea candles. It made me remember the Pinterest idea of putting these two items together. So I had to try it. Super easy and super cute to do. I want to do some with tea candles in colors to match some of my rooms. 

That's it for today. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Sylvia said...

What great finds, you did good. You can always find something at Hobby Lobby to bring home with you.


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