The day in between....

The only thing more important than Christ's birth was His death and resurrection. We've read the horror and pain that he suffered on Friday and we rejoice for the empty tomb on Easter morning. But what about the day in between?

How did the people feel that saw what happened on Friday? How many just watched in dismay as they nailed him to the cross then simply walked away thinking it was over. It was done. And got back on with their lives. Did they go home and eat supper and discuss what horrible things they saw?

How did the common people who were not the key players feel? Did they look upon his broken and beaten body and think "We really thought he was THE ONE. We thought he could make a difference." Did they weep and cry for things they thought were going to be that they no longer believed would happen? Or did they simply wake up and return to their every day lives never giving it another thought. 

 What would they have thought on that day in between if they had known that Jesus WASN'T gone? How would they feel if they had known he was going to rise the next day? 
Did anyone believe there was still hope? Did they think "It can't be over. No, it happened too fast. Where do we go from here?"

The day in between. That moment between death and darkness vs. light and hope. They many not have suspected what was about to happen....but praise God we know what was coming!

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Sylvia said...

Amen, Praise God. He has risen!