Graduation Day

Yesterday was an amazing day. Two graduations of two grandsons. The day started off with Colby, my youngest grandson, graduating from kindergarten.

Receiving his diploma.

I love that smile. It just melts my heart.

And my oldest grandson, Garret, who is Colby's big brother graduating from high school.

I am so proud of Garret and what he has achieved. A piece of my heart is breaking knowing he will soon be leaving for college.

I know my son and daughter-in-law are so proud of him. They have done an amazing job raising such a fine young man. 

I am sure he is destined for great things.

It was a great day. Not every little boy gets to graduate the same day as his big brother. A very special day and I'm so glad I got to attend it all.

We went out to eat at Calhoun's afterwards with both sides of the family. It was truly a great day.


Skipping class....

I have two graduations to go to today. I'll be sharing pics tomorrow. 

In honor of school nearing a close, thought it would be fun to do this today.

Let's have a little fun. If you were still in school and these were the teachers and you were in these classes, which class would you make sure you never, ever skipped?

As for me, I would make sure I went to Biology and Music every day. I may even fail so I could repeat them another year. Ha ha ha.


Over the hump day....

I'll be heading into work soon. But first, I've just been sitting on the couch enjoying the view out my window and writing my blog. We've had a few dreary days with rain and cool and sunshine and then rain and cool and sunshine. It is great to see a beautiful day this morning. Hope it lasts all day.

Yesterday, I met up with my assistants for the VBS craft class and we did the prep work for the projects. We had a blast. At one point Doris said she felt like she was Lucy on the assembly line at the chocolate factory. I guess three of us sending her "telescopes" for the final step did get a little overwhelming.

After that, I went home and wanted a little snack. I was going to have a couple little gingerbread mini muffins I had made the day before. But then I remembered I had some caramel dip and wondered what that would taste like. It was awesome. I have found a new combo.

When it got time to get ready for work, I washed my hair and dried it. As I dried the very last of my bangs I heard a pop and looked over and a flame about the size of a candle flame flared on my cord/plug and then went immediately out and the cord fell right off the plug. It was old and has been a very faithful hair dryer. I'm just glad the fire wasn't worse and that my hair was finished when it happened. Guess who has to go get a new hair dryer today.

I hope everybody has a great day. 


Picture Frame Crafts

I have a large collection of picture frames that I have taken down over the years. I don't part with them "in case I need them". So I occasionally look up ideas. I saw this one on Pinterest so I recently made one similar to this for a dear friends birthday. His mother's favorite song was "What a Day" so I found the music and printed it on parchment paper and framed it for him. He was thrilled to pieces.

I also found people who had painted chalk board paint on picture frames and mirrors. I keep planning to do this but don't have any bigger frames. I'm keeping my eyes out for one at a yard sale.

These crosses with flowers are very pretty and they could work on any size or style frame.

Another cute and simple idea for a gift.

I just love this one. It is perfect for someone with rustic decor.

I was going to do this last Christmas but never got around to it. Hope I remember it this year.

These are really cute and you hang photos on the clothespins. I just love this.

Put plain or lined paper under the glass in a frame and decorate the frame and you have an instant dry erase board. I have done one before and it was fun to decorate. I  just used a bow and big button with my initial in the corner of the frame. 

This is plan and simple, but very cute.

And I adore this. The only thing I couldn't figure out is why the brown paper in the white frame? A snowman is all white. So I would change that up a bit.

There you  have it some nice ideas to use those old frames laying around your house.


My day so far....

Well, I had a good weekend. I'll post some pics of that later this week. But I went to the Blooming BBQ & Bluegrass Festival before I went to work Saturday. Sunday I was off so I went to dinner with the whole family for Caleb's birthday. I slept really good the last two nights and took a nap on Sunday afternoon so I am totally rejuvenated today. 

In fact, I am so rested that by 9:30 this morning, I had already washed all my throw rugs and got them dry.

I did my weekly wipe down of bathroom and kitchen cabinets, stove and refrigerator doors with lemon Pine Sol.

I have made a sample of the three things we are going to do some prep work for tomorrow on my VBS workers craft prep day. Also this morning I pre-cut the paper for the 48 bookmarks and the 48 telescopes we are doing prep work for tomorrow.

I live right behind the store, so I ran out to get some much needed items, i.e. Junior Mints and a Twinkie.

I have already made almost 4 dozen gingerbread mini muffins today. All by 9:30. 

Then I took a break and had some biscuits with peanut butter and a bowl of homemade apple butter with a big glass of chocolate milk for my breakfast around 10:00.

Today is the birthday of my oldest niece, Christy Dawn. She is my sister's first child and my mom's first grandchild. Here are a few of my favorite pics of her. As the Aunt, my job is totally embarrass her with old pictures on her birthday. This one was at a pond we went fishing at. She was the queen of Cheetos.

An Easter Egg hunt at Mamaw's.

Setting on the porch at Mamaw's holding the kitty. I think its name was Oreo but I can't remember.

One of her early school photos.

One of her last school photos during the curly hair stage.

The straight hair stage. Not sure which baby in the family she is holding. It may be her niece or one of the cousins babies.

I can't tell her age or she will get me. I can tell you she is no longer 41 and that it will be a year before she turns 43. But I can't tell you her age. :)

She was our first baby in 9 years in the family so she got a little spoiled. She is the one who gave me the nickname B because she couldn't say Brenda. I have been Aunt B for 40 some years. Happy birthday Christy Dawn. I hope you have a great day.


Silly Sunday

It's Sunday! Here's something to make you smile....


Wishful thinking...

I've been at it again. Scouring the internet and doing some wishful thinking on some things I would like to get. I am planning my beach trip for this year and a lot of my stuff is just plain worn out and outdated. Time to revamp. So here are some things I am loving. I like this purse really, really well.

This one caught my eye as well.

I would love to find this beach bag to carry my stuff down to the beach. Walmart has some in this style so they may have a whale one.

I need a new beach chair. The one I had the last few years had no arms and even though it is light weight and easy to carry I missed having arms. I love the ones that set right down low on the sand.

I want to find a cute summer light weight dress to wear one evening when we go someplace nice to eat. 

These flip flops are adorable. If the color matched good, they would be cute with the above dress.

I also love this dress. I have some black strappy flat heeled sandals that would look great with this.

I want a pair of these Tommy Hilfiger flip flops with the red and navy. I love the nautical beach look.

I would love to have some flip flops like this for wearing shopping. I love the woven look.

And these would be perfect to wear down to the beach to avoid the hot sand.

Well, that's my wish list for the day.


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