Feeling accomplished..

I had recently been given some milk crates to pack up yard sale stuff in. The gentleman that gave them to me did not want them back. I love stacking them to create storage. So here is what I did in my craft room a couple of days ago between the end of my bookshelf and the corner of the wall.

I just put a few things in there for now, but will go through my crafts later and organize it. But I will be keeping the three bottom ones for the kids to store stuff in like books, coloring books, and some toys. A friend made me a double fleece queen size blanket. So I folded it up and put it in the corner for the kids several months ago. They unroll the blanket like a sleeping bag. Shelby and Colby like to use it for being on the tablet or phone games. Shelby likes to play Little Pet Shop or read on it and Colby loves to play with his Army men and cars on it. That's why I want the bottom three shelves for their stuff. Alexis loves it because when Shelby and Colby use it, she gets to decide what to watch in the living room without them. They crack me up.

While I was feeling energetic, I decided to see if I could hang my new plant. Well, I don't have drill and I was worried a nail wouldn't hold it. Plus it is really thick board that I wanted to put it on. But as I stood there contemplating my dilemma, I noticed a wood boring bee had a whole dead center of the board....right where I wanted to hang my plant. So I screwed in my S hook and got it good and tight and now it is hanging there.

When I went back into my craft room, I didn't really like the milk carton back showing. 

So I slipped a piece of scrapbook paper behind it. I like that a lot better. But that was the only paper I have and I didn't really like it for this purpose.

It is two sided paper so I turned it over to try the lighter side. I do like lighter better, but this is just way too busy of a pattern.

I'm going to the Scrapbook Store in Sevierville Saturday and I'll find some different. May just Swiss dots or these little hearts, because I just don't want plain colored paper.

Unless I can find this. They do carry it in a variety of colors and I do like the lace look. I will keep you updated.

Have a great Thursday.

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Terri D said...

I like the turquoise colors...both of them! Keep us posted!!