Picture Frame Crafts

I have a large collection of picture frames that I have taken down over the years. I don't part with them "in case I need them". So I occasionally look up ideas. I saw this one on Pinterest so I recently made one similar to this for a dear friends birthday. His mother's favorite song was "What a Day" so I found the music and printed it on parchment paper and framed it for him. He was thrilled to pieces.

I also found people who had painted chalk board paint on picture frames and mirrors. I keep planning to do this but don't have any bigger frames. I'm keeping my eyes out for one at a yard sale.

These crosses with flowers are very pretty and they could work on any size or style frame.

Another cute and simple idea for a gift.

I just love this one. It is perfect for someone with rustic decor.

I was going to do this last Christmas but never got around to it. Hope I remember it this year.

These are really cute and you hang photos on the clothespins. I just love this.

Put plain or lined paper under the glass in a frame and decorate the frame and you have an instant dry erase board. I have done one before and it was fun to decorate. I  just used a bow and big button with my initial in the corner of the frame. 

This is plan and simple, but very cute.

And I adore this. The only thing I couldn't figure out is why the brown paper in the white frame? A snowman is all white. So I would change that up a bit.

There you  have it some nice ideas to use those old frames laying around your house.

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Terri D said...

I got rid of quite a few in our garage sale. These ideas are really, really cute!!