Salt Cellars

I love vintage salt cellars or more commonly known as salt dips. I have a few I have collected over the years, but I want to find some more. Mostly around here they are just the clear cut glass ones.

Sometimes you can find the colored cut glass.

And every antique store I go in has the nesting chicken salt dips, which tells me they are more than likely reproductions due to the large volume of them I see. But I still love them. I actually have the rooster in jadeite, white & blue speckled and pale pink. But you can see there are a ton more I don't have.

They come in many shapes and sizes solids and patterned.

Some even come with an itty bitty spoon to scoop out your salt.

I have even found pictures of some that are floral in shape.

Some salt cellars are bigger and were used to keep salt in that you would spoon out into individual dips. Although I think the ones below are probably more modern. But they are pretty.

I love the ones that bold, vibrant colors.

And I adore these with the cute shapes and designs.

But the one I want really bad right now is the one in the blue/green carnival glass. I am in love with these.

Curious if any of my readers collect salt dips?

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Terri D said...

I have a few that were passed down through the family. They are clear glass and look pretty on a shelf. I love the ones you found to show us. I had no idea there were so many shapes and colors!