Saturday's Search

Was online this morning searching for interesting things. I usually let Pinterest just show me recommendations and that finds me cool ideas. I love the baskets under this table. I have a table similar to this and think I will get some big baskets for under it. Since it is in my dining room, I may use one of the baskets for storing my tablecloths and the other for storing my aprons.

Oh my gosh this is too cute. Very simple. Going to start looking for cheap pillows at yard sales and then recover them with fabric with these ornaments and other appliques.

Oh goodness. Why have I never seen these vintage mugs before? They are Fire King and are Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. I'm in love.

I would like to do this. This is too cute.

Another cute applique for a pillow. 

I love making yo-yo's and finding things to do with them. I need to get some striped fabric to make some of these.

Call me crazy, but I am wanting to get me a metal lunch box and thermos. But I really don't want it to be kiddie looking. Well, look what I found on line for $14.95. I may just have to order one.

I love the way the thermos has the hook to hold it in place. 

Well, those were some finds and some ideas that Pinterest thought would interest me....as usual they were right.


Terri D said...

You never disappoint me with these posts on fun things you find!! Great ideas!

Jan said...

I love those Christmas pillows!