I have so much to update you on and so little time. My days are so full with work and VBS. But I wanted to stop by so you didn't think I would be M.I.A. all week. We have 2 of the 5 days of VBS under our belts and I am already exhausted. We normally have about 30 kids out of 3 classes that comes through our Pre-K craft. We allow for 48 just in case. 

Imagine my dismay Sunday night when I find out after the 3rd class that we have 25 more kids coming through. We were scrambling to get some things ready for their craft. Fortunately what we made was door knockers with star stickers. I had lots of stars and left over card stock and ribbon so we were able to cut out some more door knockers. So 55 on night one. What a blessing to have 55 kids ages 3 thru 5. 

Last night we had 60. But I went out yesterday morning and bought more craft supplies so now we have more than enough just in case we have more each night. I'm not sure of the whole total for Sunday, but we had 338 I believe it was last night, including the teachers and helpers in all ages.

I'm sure I'll have some pics to share later. But I'm too exhausted to go through them right now. And I have three more nights and Family Night to go. I really love VBS but I need the beach.


Sandi said...

Sweet! :)

Terri D said...

I know you love the kids, but maybe next year you can mentor a younger mom and ease your way out to just being a general helper!! You sure have more energy than I have to be working so many hours, planning the crafts, preparing the crafts and then executing them with what must seem like 1,000 little ones!! You are amazing, Brenda!!