Playing catch up....

Last night was the last night of VBS with the teaching and crafts. Tonight is for fun. We are going to have bouncy houses and food. There will be hotdogs which makes me very happy. I love hotdogs.

We've had some great moments but I have over 400 pictures to post so I have to go through them before I can figure out if I even got any good ones. Today I am heading to Target and Walmart to do some shopping for a baby shower. While I'm there, I am going to look for a few things to price that I want to get sometime in the next few months. I have done any "wishful" shopping in awhile. I'm always so much on the go that when I have been to a store, I just look for things I need right then. Time to look at other stuff just to get ideas. 

I know the #1 item on my list right now is a griddle. Mine was too big and so old that it had so many scrapes and scratches it wasn't cooking as non-stick as it should.

I am also needing a toaster oven. I want something small because I don't have much space. However, if I moved my toaster one could fit there. So I think I have found a compromise and get rid of my old toaster. Plus this has the wide slots and my toaster doesn't.

I also need a new camera. I want this before I go to the beach. I really want a red camera. I have always wanted a red one.

And I want to get rid of the TV in my bedroom and get an LED one for in there. I like this 24" one.

As you can see, I have quite a few things to check out today to start a comparison list for pricing. But for now, a little house cleaning. I'm afraid to walk in my living room because the two youngest have just came in and grabbed the Little Pet Shop hospital and houses and are now playing in the living room. Alexis said I may not want to see my living room. You just got love children that still entertain themselves using their imaginations.


Sandi said...

My wish list: just that chili dog!


Terri D said...

I'm with Sandi. I'll have a chili dog please!