At one point, I had way more Pyrex then I have now. I sold a lot, I traded some. I got rid of things I didn't really want to get rid of all because people would sweet talk me into trading or selling. Then the moved happened and I downsized. So I parted with things I wish I had kept that I thought I wouldn't have room for and it turns out I would have. This was the top shelf of my Baker's rack and I didn't think I would have room for the rack so I sold a some stuff. Among it was every single thing on this shelf. Now I want it all back. Probably will never find it all at good prices, but a girl can dream. 

These little 401 mixing bowls also went bye-bye, but they are easy to find at good prices so I will just rebuild my collection of these. I already have several of them.

But the one thing I regret the most was my snowflake casserole. I missed it at Christmas when I decorated the kitchen in snowflake.

Well, I found it all once and I'll find it again. On a good note, everything I sold I was able to sell for three to four times the amount I paid for it because I got everything either in trade or at a bargain and sold for what it goes for in antique stores. So it wasn't too bad.

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Terri D said...

Half the fun is the hunt!! Keep looking! That snowflake casserole is really pretty!