Weekend wrap up....

Going backwards on my wrap up today. I'm going to start with today. It is my daughter and son-in-law's anniversary. I want to take a moment to wish her a very happy anniversary and many, many more. 

Yesterday I was so exhausted from my busy week and weekend that I just didn't feel like posting. I kept thinking I should write my blog but I kept finding a million reasons why I would wait, when really the simple fact was I just didn't want to do anything yesterday. 

Sunday was good day at church followed by taking myself to Shoney's for lunch and enjoying the breakfast bar before going on to work. 

Saturday I went to a baby shower that my daughter-in-law was giving for her niece. I was blown away by all the decorations my daughter-in-law had come up with. She has such a talent that it just amazes me. The little baby is being born into a family that loves their hunting and fishing. They are truly nature lovers. I am so in love with the theme. Everything turned out adorable. What a wonderful setting for the new mom-to-be to sit and open gifts.

The table was amazing as well.

She had someone make the cake but then designed this display for it. How cute is that little deer and baby on the top.

And each table had a centerpiece using mostly things she found around the families lake house or her own home. It was all amazing.

I especially loved the chocolate covered pretzel fishing poles and the little acorns.

On Friday night, we had a big blow out at VBS to end the week with family night....food, bouncy houses and our train rides which we had every night. The Grands that went with me had a blast. Colby found a couple of the bigger kids and just joined in with them on the train ride.

Alexis and Shelby enjoying some popcorn while they rode the train.

Thursday night was the last night of classes. All the kids loved coming into the main sanctuary and singing the VBS songs. Colby (center) and Shelby (left) really concentrated on learning the motions.

You can tell by her big smile that Alexis was having a blast.

Now that you see how busy I have been, I guess you can understand why I was not in the mood to blog yesterday. I didn't have to be at work Monday until 3:00 and I laid down after lunch and took a two hour nap before going to work. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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Terri D said...

I'm glad you got your nap in before work! You have been SO busy!! Loved seeing the photos!!