Wish I had.....

I was cleaning some files on my computer and saw some pics of food I have made in the past and it made me hungry. Here are some that I am now craving (but not all at once) thanks to that file.

My homemade potato salad. I do the old fashioned mayo, mustard, egg and potato. Nothing fancy. I like my potatoes cut small and cooked until they are really soft. 

I had forgotten that I used to make brownies and stick a miniature Milky Way in each one in my brownie pan before I baked them. That was sheer caramel, chocolate heaven.

I have bacon gravy with biscuits, a side of bacon and a side of apple butter a lot. It is one of my favorite meals. 

This picture was when Allen brought home Buddy's Bar-B-Q soft serve ice cream after work for me. I smothered it with warm caramel sauce and Hershey's chocolate syrup. It's my favorite way to eat ice  cream.

Now I'm hungry. I'm going to go raid the fridge.


Debbie Huffaker said...

This isn't good for that diet you're on!!! ;-) Just kidding...congrats on the weight loss. It's so difficult at our age...well, at MY age, I should say! HOPE you have a terrific Thursday!

Terri D said...

Oh my...I'll sit down with you and eat any of those yummy looking dishes.