It is a Saturday. I don't have to work today for the first Saturday in months and months. I'm going shopping with my daughter...for the first Saturday in months and months. Can you see why I am excited? And it is a beautiful morning. I woke up to the sun coming up brightly.

There was still some low lying fog from last nights rain monsoon that came through.

But it soon burned off and the view outside was of a gorgeous day.

I need today. Yesterday was hectic and crazy and one of those days that everything make you go UGH!! But one of the men put it in perspective. I mentioned I was letting things aggravate me bad and that wasn't like me. He said the following words and it was just the perspective I needed to get me back on track: "Why are you letting things bother you? God is all over this. He let you wake up this morning, didn't He? You are standing here talking to me....on your own two legs, aren't you? What more do you need."

Wow, the power of words.

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Terri D said...

He preached a good sermon, for sure!! Glad you have the day off and are planning some fun with your daughter!!