Plastic Canvas Projects...

It's time to start working on my plastic canvas again. I have gotten rid of most of my old yarn that was pastels and leftovers and bland colors that I knew I would never use again. So my stock is getting low. I have found several projects that interest me for fall and Halloween. Now's the time to get started. I see a trip to Hobby Lobby for some new yarn. Here's some things I am considering as my next projects...

Coasters are my favorite thing to make because you can make on in under an hour. They make for quick an easy gift ideas. And you can even make a cute box to store them in.

I love the checkerboard pattern because it is one of the fastest ways to complete a project.

This napkin holder is cute, but if you make it the right size, it could also be a coaster holder.

This is an adorable idea for a coffin to hold candy at Halloween.

This is cute for all you tic tac toe lovers. 

This pattern would be super simple. I may have to try it.

Another cute box for candy.

This is for Christmas but I think it is the most adorable project.

Check out the ribbon candy. Talk about easy. Wouldn't they look cute in a vintage Christmas candy dish. 

This one is a little more detailed and a higher level of skill than I normally do, but I may try my hand at it because my granddaughter, Alexis, love owls. Not sure if I could master but I may try.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Well, you know which one is my favorite! You need to check thrift stores for the plastic canvas. I see it all the time at the store in Jefferson City!

Terri D said...

Those are all fun projects. Reminds me of my mom, who loved to work with the plastic.