The House up the Hollow on Sunday's

Oh what wonderful memories of Sunday's when I was a young girl. 
Sunday school and church and the long one mile walk back to the house up the hollow (pronounced holler if you are a country gal).

Mom in the kitchen frying chicken and making mash potatoes, veggies and sweet tea. Dad in the living room in his favorite chair watching his beloved Cincinnati Reds on TV.

After lunch, there was usually either a walk up the ridge, in the woods behind the house or in the trees around the golf course. On really hot days, we would traipse back home and head straight for the fridge to pour a glass of ice cold well water that Mom kept in a pitcher in the fridge.

Sometimes it was simply just laying out in the sun in the yard and reading. Or playing ball in the yard or challenging Daddy to a game of badminton. Or as we got older watching our kids play ball like we did. It seems like there was always cake and sliced peaches, or a nice lemon meringue, chocolate or apple pie.

Supper was just a simple affair of eating what you wanted when you got hungry. You could have a sandwich or leftovers, but Mom always made sure you ate. And since there were only three channels and one TV when we were younger, we were usually gathered together in the living room watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Ed Sullivan or the Wonderful World of Disney before Disney was even popular. 

Then it was off to bed after getting kisses from Mommy and Daddy and those nightly "Night, I love you." to every member of the family. Such sweet, sweet memories of growing up on Sundays.

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Terri D said...

Life seemed simpler back then, didn't it. Family time was a lot more important back then (so it seems). Too much running here and there these days. No one settles down anymore.