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What a lovely piece of jewelry....

I had a wonderful day at the zoo yesterday with the grandbabies. We are heading out to play miniature golf today (which some call putt-putt and some call goofy golf.) I got some good pics but I am saving them for my Friday Fotos post. I did want to share something with you today. Some beautiful jewelry that has been popping up in my recommendations on Facebook and Pinterest. I love sea turtles and thought this was adorable.

Shells, turtles and dolphins .... all the wonderful things of the ocean and beach.

I really, really want to find where I saw this. I wouldn't mind ordering it before I go to the beach.

Thirty-One is coming out with a new charm bracelet and the charms hook between the beads so they aren't sliding everywhere. I just love this.  

You pick your own charms and it comes in silver or gold with the white little beads. I want this horseshoe charm.....

.....And one with my initial....

...and one with my birthstone.

I think I need to visit Etsy to see what kind of beach jewelry or charms they have. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

Don't I remember that you like sand dollars? 😊 Very pretty jewelry!

Sandi said...

It's a turtle!

Terri D said...

Beach Girl for sure!! Great finds!