Have you missed me?

I've not posted the last couple of days because I got to go to West Virginia to see Mommy. And I got to take my three youngest grandchildren with me. They were up and ready by 5:00 a.m. to hit the road on Sunday morning.

They loaded in the car, all smiles. I figured they would start dozing in about an hour. Nope. Shelby dozed about 5 minutes when we got close to Charleston, WV and Colby slept about 15 minutes right before we arrived.

They were so excited about the sunrise. It just fascinated them. Alexis was designated photo opp gal so she snagged some good shots that morning.

It was so good to see Mom. She has settled in well to the health care facility she moved to and is really looking much healthier than when I saw her in May.

We took her out to lunch at Wendy's. She wanted one of their baked potatoes. Yes, that is a fireplace in a Wendy's. 

The kids were having a blast with their Mamaw Helen.

Then she wanted to go to AC Moore. She had so much fun. Especially with her three little helpers showing her all kinds of things they thought she would like. 

Even though my sister and I live 5 hours from each other, our minds have always been in sync. She is 61 and I'm 60 so we have been really close all our lives. I always laugh and tell people that we think exactly alike. Imagine my surprise when I showed up to Mom's and Sis had on yellow just like I did for the day....especially considering in years past, yellow has just not been one of our major colors. Now the summer I go yellow, so does she. We were cracking up.

When we got back from taking Mom out, we sat out in her courtyard. Check out this cute little planter someone made.

The kids loved exploring around the gardens.

We are blessed that the staff wanted to get Mom in a room with her bed by the window. They had a room come open a few weeks ago right by the courtyard that she loves to go sit in. So they asked if she would like it and she does. So my sister went and bought Mom some outside hooks, bird feeders, etc. Now Mom has her own personal garden view. Complete with a little hummingbird that is a bully. He is sitting on one of the hooks. Every time another hummingbird approaches, he dive bombs them and runs them off. It is quite a site to see him battling against other birds. He isn't intimidated by the big birds either. Nobody stays for long when the bully is on duty.

On the way home Monday, we stopped in Corbin, KY and had lunch at the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was originally Sanders Cafe.

The old part of the building is set up as a museum. We got to see Colonel Sanders office. I've got more to share about that on another day.

And of course, I had to stop at my favorite antique store in Milton, WV before we left that day. I have been wanting a red vintage sewing box so bad and can't find one anywhere. I finally found one for $12 (new ones are $29 and up). And I love the plaid.

It is definitely vintage because they don't even make them with metal hooks for spool holder any more to my knowledge. I've never seen one. 

It has the manufacturers tag in it and it says Dritz Sewing Basket. So I Googled it and found this exact basket. If the info on the internet is correct, this has been narrowed down to possible late 30's to early 40's. Most source I found reflect more of the 1940 era. Dritz made sewing items from 1920 - 1969 when they sold the company. The new company changed the name and sells some items under the new name and some still under the Dritz name. But bottom line is this thing is old. And I am excited.

I also found the Indian Glass Thumbprint pattern compote dish in the teal blue. I have been looking for one of these in either the green/blue carnival glass color or in a blue. I finally found it in Milton for $5.00. I wasn't going to pass it up. I still want the one in the green blue and one day I will find it somewhere where it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. But I am excited to finally find the teal blue. 

One the way home we ran into the worst monsoon of rain I have ever had to drive in. You could barely see the white lines and the traffic on I40 in Knoxville was going about 30 mph because nobody could see. Even the big semi trucks had slowed to a crawl and were being cautious not to splatter huge waves of rain when they passed you. Alexis took this picture when it first started, but it got a lot worse.

By the time we hit our exit, the skies had cleared and it was blue sky and sunshine.

It was a wonderful trip and I told the kids I would love to take another trip someday with the three of them. They were so good, but then again they always are.


Debbie Huffaker said...

So glad you were able to go see your precious Mom. What a great few days away, especially since you had grands with you! 💜

Terri D said...

Now that was a GREAT little road trip that sparked many wonderful memories for all of you! Hope you all can do another one soon!