Top 10 for Thursday

Here are my 10 favorite things I found on Pinterest that I am liking this week. If I get my bedroom switched to primitive before Halloween, I love some of these ideas.

Does anyone know where you can by these small craft ladders? I just love this.

What a cute idea for a shadow box for a sewing room. However, I would just find vintage thread that is old looking to put in there, not a regular spool with ribbon on it.

Another cute idea for a ladder if I can just find a ladder somewhere.

I love what they call subway art. This one is perfect.

I am always looking for things to make with fabric. This is too cute and you could use any quilt pattern design.

Oh my goodness I love this. I am a fan of red and aqua together. This is adorable. Of course the fact that it has Pyrex bowls makes it even better. 

What a cute idea for a pin cushion. A vintage jello mold. I really like this.

While the focus of this picture may be aprons, I am posting it because I love the ironing board cover. I need to Google and see if you can buy plaid ones. Somebody probably made this.

And last is something I shared last years and never got around to doing it. I really need to find where to get craft ladders. 

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Terri D said...

I think I've seen those ladders at Hobby Lobby. You always find cute ideas!! I love aqua and red too!