Another busy day...

I had a great birthday yesterday. Lots of phone calls, FB posts, private messages, text messages and even one visit from my dear friend Georgeanna. She made me this adorable ice cream bowl cozi. I love it. It even had a new bowl for my ice cream. Of course I had to use it last night.

She also brought me this cute little jar full of iced gingerbread cookies. It went perfect with this display in my kitchen.

I bought myself a new laptop. Mine died in August and they couldn't repair it. It had been worked on twice. It was going to cost more to fix it than it would for a new one. I had been using a loaner so I finally broke down and bought me one. I got a 17" HP Pavilion. I love it.  

I also forgot to share something I realized last week that cause me to created a little display. I have Rudolph and Clarisse and a dishtowel with Clarisse on it. I notice my cookie book has little reindeer setting behind the cookies so I created a little display with it all.

I wrapped some presents yesterday. I do have a few more to pick up this week so I'm going today to get them if I can find what I want. If not, I will have to go again the first of the week. I left my wrapping station set up. FYI I use a tape dispenser but the tape for those is more expensive than the tape on a plastic roll. So I buy the .57 cent tape roll and break it off the plastic and put it on my dispenser. Saves money. Yes, that is Snoopy in the background watching me work.

Last night I just laid on the couch and watched Christmas Comes to Willow Creek.  And yes that is Bo & Luke Duke from The Dukes of Hazard. Only in this movie they play brothers Pete & Ray. This is my favorite Christmas movie of all times and Christmas isn't officially "here" till I watch this movie.

I do have to run by Walmart to pick up an order that came in. I also want to head to Kohl's because nothing says Christmas like shopping at Kohl's.

All in all I really enjoyed my birthday yesterday and I am looking forward to doing some last minute shopping today. 

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Terri D said...

Great photos! So glad you had a good birthday. Wish I could tag along with you on your shopping trips!