Some great deals....

If you are on Facebook and you belong to any online yard sale groups, you may have heard of Marketplace. If not, go to your Facebook search bar and search for Marketplace. It will pull you up items in your area that are for sale. I have been doing some searching in my area. I love this cabinet. It's $75 which isn't bad. It would be perfect to hold my microwave and store more Pyrex. 

I noticed this hard to find Pyrex creamer for sale for $15. It's a little higher than I would pay but it is cute as can be. I may make her an offer and see what happens.

This is a steal at $10.00. She has it posted twice but in one place it says it doesn't come with the lid or the cradle. Waiting on an answer to find out for sure.

This is one of my dream pieces. They are usually $35 - $45 in antique stores IF you are lucky enough to find one and to find it with a lid. She is selling for $25. I made an offer of $20. We will see what happens. If she hasn't sold it and won't take $20, I would pay $25 for this piece. I want it that bad.

I love the snowflake pattern. But not at $35 each. I can find these cheaper in some of the local antique stores or my online trade groups. But I do love this pattern.

The lady that has the blue snowflakes also has the black snowflakes, which is harder to find. But still not willing to pay $35 each for them. 

I love the divided dishes and especially when you can find them with the lid. But these also belong to the same lady above that is on a $35 each kick. These pieces (especially the barbed wire) are not at all rare in my area. You can usually find them for $12 - $18 and a few times I have seen them for $8. I should have bought them when I saw them that cheap. I will keep my eyes open.

Well, that's just a few things I found when I went to my local marketplace on Facebook and typed in Pyrex. Would love to know what you find in your local online shopping. 

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Terri D said...

I definitely will head over to FB and look this up! I love that cabinet!